Here are some examples of  the recent ways that CRE Gives Back has been putting your precious donations to use. We would like to thank all those that have helped by donating either their time, money, or items. As always, it is greatly appreciated.

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January 2022

We never knew how expensive feeding cattle at the farm would be…and they eat all day! Introducing CRE’s three new calves..Isabella, born yesterday, Maximo, born on Thanksgiving and recently purchased, 7 month old, Martina. CRE’s goal is to raise funds to continue feeding our cattle and to provide milk to local community members in need.

September 2021

Center for Research & Education (CRE) harvested its first Plantain harvest ever! We shared with the local community and shared some of the health benefits of plantains and their leaves. We are looking forward to sharing recipes and teaching these nutritional facts through health classes to the next generation of Haitian and Dominican youngsters.

August 2021

CRE conducted it’s Senior program distribution in Salgadon, DR. We are continuing to provide basic necessities to the impoverished elderly and the handicapped during the pandemic. Much more assistance is needed there. You may donate to our Senior Program on our website by clicking the DONATE button today.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and gracious support.

July 2021

This is definitely a time of uncertainty, chaos and confusion for many. Personal, family and medical issues are overwhelming us all. It is becoming easier to forget the needs of the aging population during this pandemic. A phone call, a hug a listening ear or just some time and a home cooked healthy meal could do an elderly person some good. On July 30th, the Center for Research & Education (CRE), having just celebrated Proyecto CREO’s inaugeration in the DR, he gave back to our elders by funding and coordinating the distribution of food, pajamas, T shirts, slippers and adult diapers through our Senior Program. Big thanks to Caitlin McHale , Exec. Director of Project. Esperanza and Lissoir DuPont and his wife Yolette Antoine who run a local Haitian organization. We need all the help we can get to continue this and other programs. Any donation, small or big, will be deeply appreciated by all.

January 2020

The excitement began in 2019, as CRE collected and purchased over 300 toys in for our annual toy, food and clothing distribution— this time with a twist: a party for the community’s children! On Three King’s Day, Monday January 6th, the toys, food and cake, as well as clothing were provided to Haitian and Dominican children and their families from the towns of Sabana de Corozo, and San Marco, Puerto Plata. Was it successful? The images of the party, though only a few, speak for themselves. CRE and local community leaders formed a “Kombit ” to ride children and their families to the event, cook food, MC and DJ during the event. The importance of reflection on the needs of others was emphasized to the children, as well as cultural awareness for Haitians and Dominicans to co-exist peacefully on the Hispaniola. These images are of the party before the distribution occured.What fun it was!

September 2019

The result of CREs Back to School Survival Event was very successful! CRE also collaborated with Project Esperanza, run by Executive Director, Caitlin McHale to bring books and DVD to a group of youngsters who are being taught to read and write in English . As you can imagine these are skills that will resonate throughout the children’s entire lives, preparing them for opportunities beyond their current circumstances. Here are some images of our efforts, videos could not attach. To help us continue our efforts please donate on our website:

August 2019

Just look at their happy faces! Just before the start of school, CRE provided tennis shoes, uniforms and school supplies to groups of impoverished Haitian and Dominican youth. Although it may seem like only a drop in the bucket, it helped a lot. Community members of Munoz and San Marco, Puerto Plata were excited to engage in their own socio-economic solutions by helping to distribute goods in their communities. It provided inspiration to many and in most cases turned out to be “just what they needed”.CRE would like to invite you to share in our continued efforts by visiting Thanks in advance for your continued support!

July 2019

Introducing “Annie”, the latest addition to my equestrian family, her mother “Baby” and sister “Jessica”. The community just loves them!

June 2019

“Holy Cows!” CRE cows Bella, Morena and Cinesa are being fed well to produce milk and other fresh dairy for the surrounding community. Visit CRE’s website at to donate towards our efforts of making it happen.

January 2019

Three King’s Day 2019 CRE provided nearly 300 gifts, school supplies and food for children living in the town of Munoz, Puerto Plata. Although hectic, the smiles on the children’s faces made it all worthwhile.

November 2018

Haitian children, through CRE’s  school meal program, received food, bowls and utensils to eat during a short trip to the Dominican Republic.  The purchased items and donated utensils were very much appreciated by the school Directors, the parents and the children. Thanks to donors like you, CRE will continue to provide assistance to those who need it the most—Our children and families in need.


August 2018

Just look at their happy faces!  Just before school started, CRE provided shoes, sneakers, uniforms and school supplies to groups of impoverished Haitian and Dominican children living on the Hispaniola.  Although it may seem like only a drop in the bucket, community members of Munoz and San Marco, Puerto Plata were empowered as they became engaged in their socio-economic solutions by helping to distribute goods in their own communities.  It provided hope to many and most of the time was “just what they needed”. CRE would like to invite you to take part in this spreading of hope and kindness.  Please donate what you can today, to ensure that children stay healthy, productive and in school. 


May 2018

CRE’s Homeopathic Health Project is fully underway. With the help of local farmers, medicinal plants and herbs are flourishing! Here is a photo of our Palma Christi plants which are being grown to extract oils used to remedy colds, allergies, massages and hair growth issues, among other purposes.

January & April 2017

Donations to CRE rendered  unexpected distributions of food , household items and clothing to a local church and school frequented by Haitian families in need.   CRE works with specific community stakeholders to ensure leadership in their own communities for their own well being.   Increasingly, members of these Haitian communities are being empowered by cooking,  distributing goods and  providing community education to their peers without having to receive pay.

CRE School Start 2016 Distribution

School start distribution 2016 was plentiful this year thanks to your donations. Children received clothing, shoes, backpacks and school supplies. Project Esperanza volunteers headed by Katy and Gaddy were very helpful in getting parents to participate in what turned out to be a great community event.

CRE September 2015 Distribution

CRE and local parent helpers distrubuted much needed tennis shoes, shirts, school supplies and food in September 2015. Your assistance is necessary to continue to support school meal programs and to provide school supplies. Our efforts are only possible because of donations from individuals like you.

CRE Responds to Munoz Burning – June 2015

In late June 2015, over 50 houses burned to the ground in the Batey Community of Munoz. CRE was there to offer relief in the form of food, clothing, first aid supplies and household items. Our dedication to the people of Munoz is undying. Plans are underway to help rebuild this Haitian community (of former Sugar Cane Plantation workers) by providing adequate housing in 2016-2017. Presently, however, monetary assistance is urgently needed.

CRE Affiliates with Medical Clinic

God is good! CRE’S medical mission is up and running and there was no need to re-create the wheel. CRE now collaborates with the existing and reputable team at Palcondo Clinic in the barrio of Puerto Plata. Run by Dr. Emanuel Lambert and Pastor Gelimard Joseph, the clinic is accessible to an impoverished population of Haitians and Dominican alike. CRE seeks to continue to provide aid in the form of medical supplies and monetarily. With your donations CRE and the Palcondo Clinic can continue to join forces to provide FREE medical care and medications to many.

August 2014 Photos

August 2014 CRE conducted Food, Clothing and First Aid Kit Distributions- Beginning with Pregnant women and their children, approximately 125 families received food, clothing, first aid kits and education. Community stakeholders which included Director of Project Esperanza, Caitlin McHale, The New Horizon School and Peace Corps Volunteer, Amanda Cunningham all participated in identifying families in need and the distribution of products and services.

January 2014 Photos

It’s been a while, but I wanted to update some of my best supporters with news of the Center for Research & Educations (CRE)’s recent humanitarian work in the Dominican Republic.  Although I have sent barrels of food and clothing to a church in Haiti, the photos (attached) are of my January visit to Padre Granero, DR to meet with a small group of students whom we assist in Padre Grenaro and the other darker photo is taken in a Batey church in La Grua, DR.

The groups received clothing, school supplies, shoes, food and lots of Toys! All donated by generous folks like you.  One of my best memories was sitting in a car with the window down and being poked by a smiling child who then yelled to the others “It’s her, it’s her!”  Although I have been providing aid to these Batey communities for only three years, many children recognize the CRE vehicle and look forward to receiving even small bags of sugar, rice and flour, if that’s all we have to offer. The look on that child’s face said it all:  CRE’s work has come to be recognized as HOPE for the future.

Thanks to all you who donated various items and money.  As you can see from our website:, your donations have gone a long way.  Please continue to keep us in mind.  We are now accepting donations through credit card, automatic bank drafts and other forms such as gently used items of any kind.  A small medical office is being established to provide primary medical care to local Batey residents who are in need of care and who cannot afford it.  In addition, a significant donation of computers have made which will allow us to begin a small computer instruction course for less fortunate students by day and a cyber café by evening to help raise funds for CRE activity.

We supply computers, school bags, books, pencils, pens and other school supplies throughout the year to the batey schools and to families, we supply gently used clothing, shoes, totes and food.  Shipping of these items can be costly, so any amount of monetary assistance is helpful as well.  If you are reading this email, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.
Thanks in advance for your support!

July-August 2013 Photos

During CRE’s most recent trip to assist Haitian migrant families living in the Sugarcane Batey Communities of the Dominican Republic, we were able to provide to approximately 150 families or 600 individuals food and clothing. In addition, 100+ children received school bags filled with notebooks, crayons, pencils, glue and other supplies. One school received a desktop computer for their use for approximately 120 children who may enroll this year.  Bicycles were given to top students. Distribution was conducted by the CRE team at the La Grua Batey and by the members of the Munoz 7th Day Adventist Church Community at the Munoz Batey in Puerto Plata.

This time an American youth named, Yasmine Toure, came along to witness the strife and poverty and to help in the distribution.  It was very moving for her as she realized, on her own, how the cost of one of her electronic gadgets could literally feed and clothes a small village of hungry children. An opportunity to participate was also given to a Dominican boy named Miakos. He helped hand out goods to other children and their families as well. Next year, CRE plans to take a small group of youth to DR to volunteer in helping others.  Hopefully, along with providing humanitarian aid and starting a garden that the batey community members can all share, we will be spreading cultural awareness to American youth, as well as, helping them discover some of the things that really matter in life.

CRE’s 2014-2015 goal is to raise funds to acquire land and/or property to house donated items for distribution, provide educational workshops to community members and to run a small medical clinic to address primary care concerns. Please support our efforts by joining us as a Gold Contributor $10,000, Silver Contributor $5000, Bronze Contributor $2500 or Copper Donor $1000 or less.

April 2013 Humanitarian Aid Photos

2011 And 2012 Photos

The following 2011 and 2012 photos depict the Center for Research & Education’s efforts to make a difference in the lives of many. With consistent support in the form of donations of monetary funds, food, clothing, educational material, vehicles, household items and a dedicated staff, we have been successful at providing for poverty-stricken Haitians living primarily in the Dominican Republic’s Sugar Cane Batey Communities and in Haiti.  Please donate today…to create a brighter future tomorrow.